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Colorado Raised, Earth Minded

I have known Dallas for quite some time. We first met in our mid teens and ended up playing music & traveling the world together.


Dallas Skies (Dallas Bernard), born in Colorado 1989 is a brother, son, and musician. Growing up in the church Dallas was afforded the opportunity to play guitar for worship services beginning at the young age of 15. Having felt the push and pull of humanity on his heart, Dallas began to wonder if there was something more.

I watched Dallas began play for other churches locally but through our conversations I could tell he never felt it was enough. I challenged Dallas to search & eventually encouraged him to explore social media as an outlet of musical expression. 

I noticed Dallas was starting to receive moving comments on his posts & gaining traction with his following, so after nagging him endlessly, Dallas decided to take his gift more seriously.


People say that listening to his music allows them to find peace, to heal, and move forward with areas in life that were holding them back & I can 100% agree with this. Many many times in my personal life, I was in a "dark spot" and out of the blue I would get a text from Dallas with a "new song concept" that would quite literally bring me to tears.

I am not sure if Dallas if playing heavens song, I am not sure if Dallas has some direct connection to a source of healing, but there is one thing I am certain of... Dallas is and always has been one of the most loving, caring, and reliable persons I have ever known... and maybe thats just it. 

I believe that we are all connected, though experience, mind, and heart. Perhaps its simple, Dallas cares about you, Dallas cares about me... and thats what bleeds though in his playing.

No one knows where this journey will take him, but I know its going to do exactly what it needs to do. It brings me great joy to write this for Dallas, this is your best year yet.

- JJ



Joshua Tasdemir

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